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Nonprofit Technology Services

Tomorrow's successful nonprofit organization has placed technology in its appropriate role - as an accelerator for clearly defined organizational strategies, programs and activities - rather than pursuing technology for its own sake and assuming the organization will grow to meet it. 

Nonprofits frequently struggle to manage all aspects of the technology lifecycle from understanding the current state to creating an achievable roadmap to running effective projects including vendor selections, implementations and system and operational improvements.​


Technology decisions are being made in siios because departments don't trust or collaborate with each other. 


We don't  have a clear idea of where our critical information is stored.


We spent a ton of money on our CRM (or emarketing or any system) but it feels like we stood still.


My board or leadership wants reports or a dashboard that takes us many days to produce each quarter.


We can't trust the data that comes out of our systems.


My staff hates their current software and feels a different system would bring about nirvana. 


It is not clear if we have the right technology leadership, we just lost our leader or it is we don't have anyone in that role.

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